How is it I am 50?

How did I get here? Is this where I thought I would be? Where do I go from here? 

After turning 50 a couple of years ago, I have been wondering if it is just me.  After spending years on trying to juggle being a mom, wife and professional; what happens now?

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Who am I?

My name is Michelle Bell.  I have been a dietitian for over 20 years. I graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and then went on to get my Master's degree in Nutrition at Texas Woman's University in the Texas Medical Center.

I have worked in different types of settings. I started my career as a dietitian in the hospital setting and then went to a clinic setting. In these setting most of my experience was with the adult population, which was mostly weight loss and diabetes education. Then in 2002 I took a job with Early Childhood Intervention were I worked with children with all types of disabilities and nutritional challenges. From my 9 years of experience working with children I learned so much on how we as parents set the stage for a child's eating habits and patterns. In 2011, I decided to leave Early Childhood Intervention and start my own practice.

In 2010, I also went on to take the exam to be a Certified Personal Trainer, I started teaching a Boot Camp and doing personal training.

Currently, I am an Adjunct Professor at Texas Southern University teaching Nutrition and food service courses.  I enjoy teaching because I feel like I get to pass on my knowledge to the future of a profession that I am truly passionate about.  Teaching at a HBCU is important to me, I want to give these students the opportunity to be successful in their pursuit of a career in nutrition and dietetics.  

 I really enjoy exercising and feel it is an important part of staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight.

July, 13 2022

What to do now?

Now I know what they mean by mid-life crisis.  I thought when I turned 40 was going to be hard.  Concerned about gaining weight, wrinkles and age spots, I was wrong.  The past 2 years has been full of feelings of ups and downs.  I have been asking myself a lot of questions.  Does everyone feel the same way I do or is it just me?  I look at others lives and I wonder?  Social media makes it even harder.  Everyone's life seems so perfect.  Yes, I know everyone only post things that make things look good.  Perfect life, perfect kids, perfect husband, perfect vacation, and perfect friends.  One say anything about the changing hair texture, because it is growing in gray.  Or the sagging skin on your legs, because collagen losses.  Your children no longer need you or want you around.  

Yes, it is great that the kids become independent successful individuals and no longer need you.  What now?  

When they were young, they need you for everything.  I felt that it was important to be there for everything, so I began working part-time.  My career took a backseat to them.  I know it is the most important job, but now I feel like I don't have the experience in my field to be where everyone else at my age is in their careers.  I have to start all over or I am too old for the position that I am applying for.  I can't just sit around and stream shows or shop online all day.  So here I am.  What  now? Here I am.  Talking to everyone who is where I am.  If you are there.  

July, 7 2022

Trying to stop aging

I hold no judgement in trying to turn back time, but let's be honest about it.  Those who pretend that they have not had plastic surgery, Botox or collagen injection makes the rest of us feel that we are doing something wrong or aren't good enough with the way we are. You name it, I have probably tried it.   I am the first to admit that I have done them all and will continue to have Botox or collagen injections along with other cosmetic procedures that hold promise in helping with the aging process.  

Why are we so critical of each other? Shouldn't it be ok for us to make ourselves feel good about the way we look.  

July, 13 2022

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