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Let Them Starve?

Posted on January 30, 2013 at 10:01 AM Comments comments (16)
I aways have parents afraid to make new and healthy things for their children to eat.  It is a natural instinct for us to provide our children the most nutritious meals for them grow and thrive, but when they won't eat it we are concerned that it will harm them.  We worry about them starving to death and so in the end we break down and give them something that they will eat.  The onething that as a parent we always need to remember is that it is our job is to provide them with the most nutritious meals that we can and it is the child's job to eat it.  We can not force them to eat it or bribe them to eat it, they need to decide to eat it or not.  

A normal developing child will not starve themselves to death, this however does not include a child on the spectrum.  If they decide not to eat it there are 2 options, one is to just wait until it is time for the next meal or set the plate aside and put it in the refrigerator until they are hungry enough to eat it.

When we do not offer them new foods or have them try new things, we are doing a disservice to our children by letting them eliminate types of foods or food groups from their diet.  Children will always prefer the chicken nugget and french fries over the grilled chicken, brown rice and vegetables, but which would you rather have them eat?  Expand their horizons and yours!