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Bell Nutrition and Fitness

Healthy Living Through The Ages

I will publish some diet tips that will help you make small changes in your quest to be healthier.

January 2013

In the quest to being a better you, one thing you need to start thinking about is the value that you are getting from your food. When I say, I do not mean how much something cost, but nutritionally what the food provides you. We have become a nation fixated on how much food we get for the amount of money we pay. That is the wrong way of looking at it. You need to look at it as what nutritional quality do I get for the money I get.

What you need to think about is how much protein, what types of carbohydrates and fats are in the food you just purchased. Is it high in fiber and complex carbohydrates or is it just a bunch of simple sugars. Does it have any protein? What types of fat does it contain? Are they trans fats or saturated fats?

If you start looking at food as what it provides you nutritionally, instead of how much of it we get for our money, you will become a healthier you.


The important thing to remember on the journey to a better you is that there is no quick fix. It takes time to figure out what areas need changing and learning how to make those changes. Journaling is one of the best ways to see what areas are the problems. When journaling you should keep track of what you eat and drink, how much, when, where, and how you were feeling. By how you are feeling means: hungry, sad, angry, anxious, bored, tired, happy. Sometimes it is also important to write down how you felt after the meal. Such as, guilty from what you ate, miserable from eating too much or not satisfied.  

Once you have a couple of weeks of entries it is important to go back and look at patterns. Whether they are you eat a lot at night, when your bored or that you always carve something at a certain time of the day. When you start seeing patterns or things that need changing, it is important to sit down and think of some goals on what you want to change. Once you decide on your goals it is important to come up with strategies to help you reach these goals. Remember that the goals need to be realistic, because if they are so hard and unattainable you are setting your self up for failure and disappointment. It is important that you can meet these goals and once you have meet the goals, set new ones.

Always remember to keep journaling. It keeps you on track and accountable to someone, yourself!


Sodas can be detrimental any ones health. For those who drink regular sodas, they contain so much sugar and calories that just cutting two a day can help you lose a half a pound to one pound a week. Eventually you want to eliminate regular sodas all together, because they are empty calories, and those calories could be consumed in other foods that will provide you with important nutrients.

Even diet sodas do not help with maintaining or losing weight. They are zero calories and do not contain sugar, however because they are so sweet tasting they cause an increase in cravings for sweeter things. Therefore, you are never satisfied and continue to look for something that is sweet enough to stop the craving and then end up eating more calories just to satisfy the craving. So cutting back to 1- 2 per day will help reduce your weight.  

There is also a debate on whether dark sodas can weaken bones and cause osteoporosis. They contain phosphorus that is an essential nutrient for bone formation, however too much of it can cause leeching of the calcium out of the bones. Therefore, weakening bones and possibly causing osteoporosis. The important thing to remember here is that even though it is an essential nutrient that lot of foods contain, that with anything too much can be a bad thing. So everything in moderation.