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Bell Nutrition and Fitness

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I like using multi-exercises, an exercise that uses multiple muscle groups at the same time, because they help burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

The equipment that I love to use are a jump rope, a buso ball and a step. The step could be a bench in a gym or at the park, or a curb; it does not have to be a step that are used in classes. A jump rope is an inexpensive way to get a excellent way cardio workout that burns about 100 Calories in 10 minutes. A buso ball is great because it requires you to use your stabilizing muscles while performing all types of exercises.

It is important to remember to warmup your muscle before performing any exercise. Jumping rope, riding on a stationary bike, jogging or walking are all good warmups.

After exercising it is important to also stretch your muscles to avoid injury and helps prevent tight muscles.


All you need is a resistance band and a pole or a light hand weight (5 lbs) and a towel or yoga mat

If using resistance band, wrap the resistance around the pole and pull one of the handles of the resistance band through the other. Then lay out mat or towel horizontal to the pole far enough away that when you pull on resistance band it creates tension.

Laying on your side on mat or towel, grab the resistance band or hand weight in your arm on top. Then lift up on bottom arm, come up into a side plank (raising hip up and weight supported on side of foot and arm. Body should be in a perfect line, don't let hip drop) While in a side plank and holding weight or resistance band arm straight out in front, palm facing down, pull straight back bringing elbow to rip cage. Repeat 12 times and switch sides. Do 3 sets on each side.

In between switching sides do jumping jacks for 30 seconds.


All you will need is 5-8 lbs hand weights and a either a step, bench, curb or a stability ball.

With a hand weight in each hand by your side and feet in a lunge position, place the back foot up on either the step, curb, bench or stability ball. With the weights by your side go down in the lunge, then when you raise up in the lunge, with straight arms bring weights straight up your side to shoulder height. Then lower arms down by side and lower back into lunge. Repeat 12 times and switch legs for 12 reps.

Rest or jump rope for 1 minute. Jumping rope or doing a plyometric moves in between exercise will help burn more calories.

Repeat the sequence 2 to 3 times.

Make sure front knee does not go past your toes when you go down in the lunge.


You will need 5-8 lbs hand weights and a buso ball which is optional

Start in a standing position with a hand weight in each hand holding them by your side. Feet should be shoulder width apart.

Squat down making sure to that your bottom goes back so that your knees do not bend forward past your toes. Think of sitting back on a chair.

Come back into the standing position and bringing the hand weights over your head.

Then repeat by bringing the hand weights back down to your side and squat down.

Repeat this exercise 12 times and do 2 -3 sets.

*Always remember to consult with your physician before beginning any diet and exercise routine.